Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year?

So 2011 is starting off a little rough for me. I had so many great plans and high hopes for the year to have a great amazing spectacular start to the new year.

1. New place to live
I moved out of my crumby basement apartment (think dampness, exposed wires, and scary mutant crickets) into a house with people who work at the same place as me. Today, though, I found a bug that is a bit similar to what the Internet says a bed bug looks like. I'm an optimist, so I believe it's just similar (not the same). My objective is to catch one and bring it to an exterminator. Until then, I am sleeping in a chair in another room.

2. New diet
I've been eating terribly the last two months, and now my weight has skyrocketed to 290.0 pounds. I'm a 6'1" tall man, so my goal weight is 210.0 pounds. For those unwilling to do the math, that is 80 pounds I have to lose. Today I started Weight Watchers (again^143) and did pretty well considering I had to move out of my apartment alone today. I'm allowing myself 30 Weight Watchers Points per day. By about 9:00PM I had eaten 18 points, but then I realized I might have a bed bug issue and decided to eat candy without counting the Points. More on this diet later.

3. New to do list
Yeah. I've had things on my to do list for...honestly...8 months. After 8 months, I still haven't finished things? Gee whiz. I wanted to be finished, but alas, here I am.

Okay. This is not a great start. In this blog I sound negative and lazy. I am usually (90% of the time) a very optimistic and hardworking person. But I'm in a mood. Mostly because I've worked so hard today on moving, exerted myself mentally and physically, and at the end of the day have to sleep in a chair because of the catastrophic bug issues.

By the this blog I am being completely honest. I don't expect anyone to read it, so I am saying everything I'm thinking. Well, not everything. But most of it. Or a good portion at the least.

I'm going to work on unpacking a bit perhaps and try to make it to daylight. This is the song I have stuck in my head right now. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

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